Child Protection

We are holding a Child Protection course this Monday 12 Feb 2018 in the Athgarvan Inn at 7 o’clock. This course is for all volunteers in our club, and would-be volunteers too ! As a club, we strive to reach the highest standards in all of our activities, and this training is part of our goal this year to improve in every area of our coaching. There will be tea & sandwiches available as well, as we appreciate it is an early kick-off time. Looking forward to seeing a great turnout there.


On 11 December 2017 the remaining provisions of the Children First Act commenced in full. Most notably for the GAA our immediate requirements include adopting all provisions in relation to mandatory reporting of child abuse, ensuring the appointment of what can be termed key child safeguarding officers which include Designated Liaison Persons and Children’s Officers at Club and County level and also appointing the Association’s Mandated Person, we must also provide certain child safeguarding training programmes and commence the process to agree a Child Safeguarding Statement for all Clubs.


In accordance with vetting legislation, also referred to in the Children First Guidance, all persons who have a regulated role with children, (i.e. coaches, referees, Bord na nÓg members, parents who regularly assist in the GAA) must be vetted under the Vetting Act by 1 January 2018. Indeed, according to GAA rules and Children First they should have been vetted by now. There are no exceptions to this directive. If a person, who has not been vetted, continues to act in any of the above roles after 1st January 2018 they will be breaking the law as may their Club for offering or facilitating such a role. Vetting regulations stipulate that a vetting applicant must be at least 16 yrs. of age when submitting their application.